Tourist/Visitor Visa- Dubai



Documents Required from Applicant :


The supporting documentation that has to be submitted by an applicant is dependent on the Country of Residence.

The Mandatory Documents for 30 Day Tourist Visa OR 90 Days Visit Visa are mentioned below:

  1. Passport Bio Data Page: This is the page in the client’s passport which has the Photo and other personal details.
  2. Passport Last Page: Certain nationalities have important information on the last page of their passport e.g. India. If your nationality does not have any information on the last page you are free to attach the first page of your passport in this browser.
  3. Photograph: Each applicant needs to submit a clear color photograph. Preferably the photo should not be cropped from the passport.
  4. Proof of Residence: This will only be applicable if the clients Present Nationality and present Country of Permanent Residency is not the same. If this is applicable then the client has to submit their residency visa in the passport.
  5. Additional Documents for High Risk Countries: This is only applicable to residents of certain countries when the clients have to submit along with their mandatory documents any one of the following:
    • A valid visa for or evidence of travel to any of the following countries in the last 5 years:
  • UAE
  • UK
  • USA
  • Schengen Countries
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada


    • Documents which show you have investments of USD8000 or more, or local income tax papers which show you have an annual income of USD8000 or more.
  1. In addition to the above, clients have to submit an observation page in their passport (If Any) or the Child endorsed page (If any) in the Non Mandatory Documents field.
  2. Clients are also welcome to submit any documents in addition to the above if they feel the same will strengthen their case.