Study in USA

Study in USA - International Visa Consultant BhopalUSA has the world’s most flexible educational system where students are allowed to select subjects which they are interested in. Over 4000 public and private universities and colleges offer variety of courses in all fields. A majority of Graduate School and Universities offer substantial merit based finical assistance to students. Around 550,000 students from over 200 countries pursue higher education every year in USA. Over 35,000 Students went to USA from India last
year. US institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, etc. are well known throughout the world for their top quality education.

There are 2 intakes in US Universities available for Indian students : Fall (Aug) and Spring (Jan).


Bachelors Degree: The Bachelor’s Degrees are of two types:
1. B.A. Degree (Bachelor of Arts)
2. B.S. Degree (Bachelor of Science)
Bachelor Degree programs are generally spread over 4 years. The first 2 years normally involve studying Liberal Art subjects and may also aware an Associate Degree. Students can apply for the Bachelors Degree immediately after completion of Std. XII. However, those who have completed a part of the Undergraduate Degree here and want to apply to US universities can apply as a “Transfer Student” wherein you may be granted advanced entry or transfer of credit for courses already completed. Good scored in SAT and TOEFL exams are prerequisites for seeking admission in the 1st year (freshman) in top ranked universities.

Masters Degree: The duration of Masters Degree is normally 2 years. The different types of master’s degree are:
1. Master of Arts (M.A.) degree is offered by faculties like economics, sociology, etc.
2. Master of Science (M.S) degree is offered by departments such as Engineering, Biological sciences, chemistry, pharmaceutical science, finance, marketing, etc.
3. Master of business administration (MBA) degree is offered to students wishing to pursue business major.

Students who have complied 16 years of education are eligible to apply for the Masters Degree Programs. Therefore, students from Engineering, Agriculture, Pharmacy and Medical Collages can apply for an M.S., M.A. or MBA programs immediately after their Bachelors Degree, should complete their Masters Degree or at least one year of the Masters program in India to qualify for admission in reputed American Universities. A good GRE/ GMAT score and TOELF score are prerequisites for seeking admission in top ranked Universities.

Doctoral Degree: The PhD Degree or Doctoral Degree, which ranges from 3 to 8 years, is the most advanced and research intensives course offered. Indian students with a completed master degree can be admitted into a PhD program. Candidate with B.E. or M.B.B.S. Degrees from India can also get admission in PhD program. Many Universities insist on a GRE score for PhD admission.


The total average cost of education (tuition fee+ living expenses) in American Universities range from US $25000 to 50000 per year. The living cots ranges from
approx US $8000 to $15000 P.A.


The US Consulate has prior appointment system for visa Interview. On the given date, the application should be convince the visa officer that he/ she has strong
ties with India and that he/ she is not an intending immigrant. The applicant will be informed whether he/ she has been graduated or refused a visa on the same
day. It is important to make the final selection of the University very carefully as the name of the University whose I20 has been submitted to the Consulate will be mentioned on the visa stamp. If your visa is rejected, you can reapply after 3 working days.

Document Checklist:
1. Passport having validity of at least six months
2. Visa Fee Receipt
3. Proof of Payment of SEVIS Fee Receipt 1901
4. DS160
Confirmation Barcode printout.
5. Interview Appointment Letter
6. I20 and Admission Letter from the University / College
7. Evidence of Scholarship / Aid / Grant, if any
8. Sponsorship Letter
9. Educational Certificates, Degrees, Diplomas & Mark sheets
10. Score Reports of TOEFL and GRE / GMAT / SAT
11. Work Experience Certificate / Reference Letter from Employer, if Employed
12. All Financial Documents.