Study in Germany

Germany is one of the ideal destinations for studying! World class higher education, bustling cities, beautiful landscapes and people from all over the world. More than 12% students at German universities come from abroad. There is a diverse range of study opportunities. The tuition fees quite low as most German universities is funded by government. The German degrees are recognized worldwide especially in the fields of engineering and science.
Apart from the basic academic background a student needs might need to appear for GRE or GMAT according to the requirement of the course. For language proficiency check the student will have to give Tofel or Ielts as per the requirement of the course and some universities might also want to check the student’s efficiency in German language.
The students require having a student visa to enter Germany which they can apply for after the completion of the requirements of the course they are applying for. International students are allowed to work in the country. They might have to make certain contributions to the German Government from their earnings but these contributions are refundable.
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