Study in France

Study in FranceFrance is becoming popular destination for international students to pursue their higher studies. French education qualifications are recognised all over the world. France is known for its historical heritage, natural beauty, intellectual and artistic talent. There are so many well known researchers, mathematicians, engineers, artists, scientists, etc., who come from France.

Economy of France comprises of tourism, energy, banking, transportation, health, business and more.

Why study in France?

There are so many reasons that you can look upon when you think of studying in France.

  • Quality education
  • Sixth largest country
  • Developed country
  • Affordable fees
  • Job opportunities
  • Work permit opportunities
  • French lessons
  • European Union member

Most of the universities in France are recognised and ranked by QS ranking in top 500 universities of the world. Some universities are University of Paris, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, École Polytechnique, University of Strasbourg and Pierre and Marie Curie University.