Student Visa - USA


Documents Required from Applicant :

The following is a list of some of the documents that you are supposed to carry along with you on the day of VISA interview:

  1. Passport size photograph having size 2 inches * 2 inches (approximately 50 mm by 50 mm) plain background. The face on the photograph must occupy approximately 40-50% of the entire photograph.
  2. Photocopy of Passport having validity of at least six months and having at least one blank page.
  3. Photocopy of the passport pages bearing “Observation” or “Remarks”.
  4. Filled DS-160 application. Log onto for the application.
  5. Printout of DS-160 confirmation page with  barcode
  6. Visa Fee Receipt
  7. Interview Appointment Letter
  8. I-20(signed by the student) and Admission Letter from the University / College mentioning the total cost of education in USA (If you have received Admission letters / Rejection letters from more than one University, carry all of them)
  9. Proof of payment of deposit to the University, if any
  10. Proof of payment of SEVIS Fee Receipt I-901. Print two copies of the receipt, one to be submitted to VFS and the other to be carried at the time of Visa Interview.
  11. Evidence of Scholarship / Aid / Grant, if any
  12. Sponsorship Letter from the sponsor on his letterhead or on plain paper if the sponsors are the Parents. In case of any other sponsorship, prepare an affidavit of Support on Rs.20 Stamp Paper and get it notarized.
  13. Educational Certificates, Degrees, Diplomas & Mark sheets
  14. Score Reports of TOEFL and GRE / GMAT / SAT
  15. Work Experience Certificate / Reference Letter from Employer, if Employed
  16. Bank Statements / Pass Books of the sponsors for the last Three Years– with the seal, sign, name and designation of the signing authority, showing the availability of funds for entire one year (Tuition + Living Expenses).
  17. If the Funds have been recently deposited into the Bank a/c, then also show Documentary evidence of where this money has come from. (Recommended)
  18. Summary Statement of Assets and Total Income of Family Members
  19. Income Tax papers of the sponsor and his Family for the last 3 years – I.T. Acknowledgement, Tax Challans, Statement of Computation of Total Income, P & L A/c, Balance Sheet, Form 16, Other TDS Certificates, Salary Certificate, pay slips, etc. If the sponsor is a Businessman, his Business papers can also be produced like Partnership Deed / Memorandum & Articles Of Association, Income Tax Papers as mentioned above and Bank Statements of Company for last 3 years.
  20. Bank / Company Fixed Deposit Certificate
  21. Employees Provident Fund, P.P.F Pass Book
  22. Proof of all movable and immovable assets
  23. Proof of Accommodation in U.S.
  24. Resume and Statement of Purpose
  25. Project / Synopsis / Thesis, if any.
  26. Printouts of Important correspondence with the Professors, if any.
  27. Publications, if any.
  28. Father’s / Mother’s Visiting Card, if available

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