1. Student Visa Application Form (Print on both sides of the page – Black & White Printout is acceptable).
  2. Two recent passport size photographs with your full name and Passport Number on the backside of the photos.
  3. Fees
  • New Zealand Visa Fee has to be paid by Demand Draft favoring “Immigration New Zealand” payable at Mumbai
  • (Co-operative Banks drafts / Pay Order / Bankers Cheque are NOT acceptable. Only           Demand Draft is accepted. For the latest fees, kindly contact our Visa Counselors. In addition, a Demand Draft payable to ‘TT Services’ payable at Mumbai (or location where submitting application) for Rs. 960/-(subject to change) as service charges.
  1. Covering Letter signed by the student
  2. Statement of Purpose:
  • Citing the reasons why the applicant is applying, what he wishes to do and how the course would help him in the future
  • Also, reasons as to why the applicant should be granted a student visa.  This SOP should not be the same as the one submitted to the University since this is meant for the Consulate.
  • The SOP should be hand written by the student. Kindly keep a copy of the SOP as it will be useful in case of a telephonic interview.
  1. Original + Photocopy of Offer Letter from the Institution / University
  2. Original + Photocopy of Guarantee of Accommodation or arrangements for accommodation made in case the student intends to stay with his relative in New Zealand.
  3. Financial Undertaking Form:
  • Print on separate pages – Black & White Print-out is acceptable). On Page No.4, the sponsor should sign.
  • Also Bank’s Stamp and sign would be required on Page No.4 either from the Bank from which you have taken a Bank Loan or from the Bank where you are maintaining bank balance or Fixed Deposit of Rs 750000 or more.
  1. Affidavit of Support from sponsors on plain paper (Notarized by a Notary Public). This should also mention the relationship of the Sponsors with the student and other details as per the format given to you.
  2. Bank Authorization Letter:
  • Bank Authorization Letter from Sponsors (both Parents) addressed to the bank, authorizing New Zealand Immigration Service to verify the Bank balance with the name, telephone number of the bank officials who can be contacted for verification. Visiting Card of all the banks should be attached.
  • This letter should be printed in duplicate. One copy should be given to the Bank and the 2nd Copy will be sent to INZ along with the Visa application. The format of the same is given to you.This letter is required for all the accounts
  1. Evidence of Funds – Entire course Fees + NZ$ 15000 per year as living expenses. With effect from March 2012, the living expense to be shown for Visa purpose will be
    NZ$ 15000 per year.
    • Original Bank Loan Sanction Letter – It should be a detailed letter containing all the terms and conditions of Loan like Rate of Interest, Loan Amount, Margin, Security, Repayment terms, Guarantors, University Name, Course Title, etc.
    • Bank Balance – Original and Notarized Photocopy of Bank Statements / Bank Passbooks for past 6 months not more than one week old. Solvency Certificates and Bank Balance Certificate is not acceptable.
    • Please note that the Bank balance shown in the Bank Statement / Bank Passbook cannot be withdrawn until the Visa is approved. INZ accepts Bank statements or passbooks of all banks including co-op. banks.
    • In case of recent Bank Deposits, also provide evidence from where the money has come for e.g in case of sale of property kindly attach copy of the Registered Sale Deed. In case of sale of shares kindly attach the contract bill alongwith the previous and the latest Demat Statement. Recent deposits in the form of Sale of Jewellery, trucks, etc. are NOT
    • Original & Notarized Photocopy of Bank Fixed Deposit Receipts / NRE Deposits
    • Original & Notarized Copies of Employers Provident Fund A/c or Government Provident Fund with telephone numbers for verification, Only Withdrawable amount would be considered
    • Original & Notarized Photocopy of Post Office Accounts
    • Original & Notarized Photocopy of National Saving Certificates
    • Original & Notarized Copies of Kisan Vikas Patra
    • Original & Notarized Photocopy of PPF Passbook, Only Withdrawable amount would be considered
  3. Although the following assets are not considered as liquid funds it is highly recommended to show all other available assets like:
    • Notarized Photocopy Of Share Demat Statements along with the present Market Value Statement / Mutual funds / Bonds
    • Notarized Photocopy of LIC Policies
    • Notarized copy of Property Deeds / Flat Agreement. In case of Land, kindly provide Copy of 7/12 Extract. Valuation Report is not required.
  4. Summary Statement of Assets and Income will be prepared by Bhrigu.
  5. Income Tax Returns:
  • Original & Notarized Photocopy of last 3 years income tax papers of all family members: I.T. Acknowledgement / Form 2D / Saral, tax challans & Statement of Computation of Total Income, In case the sponsor or student is employed also attach copy of Form 16.
  • In case of Agricultural Income kindly provide a letter from Mamlatdar / Tehsildar / Talati mentioning the agricultural Income for the last 3 years. (Letter should be translated in English by Government Authorized translator). Also attach agricultural bills showing proof of sale of agricultural produce.
  1. If the sponsor is a Businessman, his Business papers can also be produced like Partnership Deed / Memorandum & Articles Of Association, Income Tax Papers for last 3 years as mentioned above and Bank Statements of the Company for last 6 months.
  2. Original & Notarized Copy of Salary Slip of Sponsors and the student, if employed. (Last 3 months).
  3. If Tuition fee is paid in advance, then Notarized Photocopy of payment receipt.
    • Original & Notarized Photocopy of the following Educational Certificates:
    • IELTS score
    • 10 Mark sheet and Passing Certificate
    • 12 Mark sheet and Passing Certificate
    • Graduation / Diploma Mark sheets for all years
    • Graduation Passing Certificate
    • Degree / Diploma Certificate
    • Post Graduation Mark sheets for all years
    • Post Graduation Passing Certificate
    • Post Graduation Degree Certificate
    • Other Courses and Diplomas done
    • Internship / Industrial Training Certificates
  4. Supplementary Information Form (Print on separate pages – Black & White Print-out is acceptable). This form also requires the complete Birth dates of all Family Members including brothers and married sisters. This form will be filled up by Bhrigu.
  5. Original & Notarized Photocopy of Appointment Letters, Promotion Letters, Work Experience Certificates – on company letterhead of all employers. The company address and phone number must be included on the letter.
  6. Please note that INZ will telephone all employers to verify the work experience. Kindly do not submit any fraudulent documents. Majority of visa rejections have been on account of fraudulent work experience documents.
  7. Original + Notarized Photocopy of Passport – all pages including blank pages (valid for 6 months)
  8. Notarized Photocopy of Passport of Guarantor, if in New Zealand.
  9. Medical Report:Original Medical & T.B. X-ray Certificates from Panel Doctors Only – Reports should be sealed by the Panel Doctor and cannot be opened by the student. – Fill up the prescribed Medical Form.The medical report is valid for 3 months form the date of issue. For more details on the documents required for Medical examination and the list of panel doctors.
  10. Original Police Clearance Certificate from Passport Seva Kendra: Police Clearance Certificate issued by DCP’s office is also acceptable. The time taken to issue PCC varies from passport office to passport office. Please note that it can take much longer to get the PCC in case your current residence address differs from the address mentioned on the passport.  PCC is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Kindly take a Photocopy of the passport of all pages (including blank pages) before applying for PCC.
  11.  For information on how to obtain a Police Clearance, you can visit this URL :

Requirements to obtain Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Along with the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) application form, you need to submit self-attested photocopies of following documents:

  • Passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first two and last two pages, including Emigration Check Required (ECR) / Non-Emigration Check Required (Non-ECR) page (previously ECNR) and the page of observation (if any), made by Passport Issuing Authority and validity extension page, if any, in respect of short validity passport.
  • Proof of Present Address (if address is different from passport)
  • Fees Rs. 500/-