Student Visa in Germany can be applied if the student has secured the admission in any of the University of Germany. Visa must be applied at least before 3 months of departure. The following is the list of documents to be submitted along with the Visa application:

1) Completed application form

2) Valid Passport having at least two blank pages

3) 2 photographs with 70% to 80% of face

4) Letter of Admission

5) Transcript of academic record

6) Proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while living in Germany

7) Declaration of authenticity of documents submitted

Visa fees cannot be reimbursed even if the visa gets rejected.

Important Tip:

To highly raise Your Chances of Getting Your Student Visa You must Use a Blocked Account as attestation of Financial Resources.
A blocked account is a unusual type of bank account for international students in Germany, to verify you have sufficient funds to live in Germany for one year during your studies.

As of 2020, it is to be expected that a foreign student in Germany will spend a standard of €853 euros per month at a bare minimum for living expenses. So, you need to have €10,236 in your bank account prior to applying for a German student visa.

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