Pearson Tests of English commonly known as PTE test. PTE test is a computer-based English test which
focuses on testing candidate’s level of understanding English on basis of daily usage. Different sections
of PTE exam helps in ensuring proficiency in English for the student. PTE exam is approved by the
Australian Government for visa applications. It is also accepted by different educational institutions in
many countries across the globe like Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland. The exam is
also accepted by Harvard, Yale, and INSEAD.

PTE exam has three sections namely, speaking & writing, reading and listening.

Speaking & Writing

The speaking & writing section of PTE exam is 90 minutes long. This section is further divided into 6
sections. In speaking & writing section, the student gets reading exercises, multiple choice questions,
summarizing the given texts, describing images and an essay writing section.


In PTE Academic Test, the reading section is of 30-41 minutes usually. The reading section has 5 more
sections in it. The questions in this sections include multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks and re-
order paragraphs.


In listening section of PTE test, the candidate faces different other types of questions which are
summarize spoken text, fill the blanks, multiple choice, select missing word, highlight the correct
summary, write from dictation and highlight incorrect words. This section is of 45-57 minutes long.

Result of PTE exam is released in five days, this makes it the fastest exam.

Overall score

The score in PTE may range from 10-90 points depending on the student’s performance.

PTE Fees

PTE exam fees in India is Rs. 10,900