Dependent Visa : UK

Dependent Visa Checklist : UK

  1. A valid travel document or passport
  2. Passport sized colour photograph. This must not be more than 6 months old.
  3. Previous passports
  4. Biometric details
  5. Evidence of your relationship to the main applicant
  6. Copy of Tier 4 student’s current visa
  7. Letter from the university confirming Tier 4 student is currently enrolled
  8. Evidence of your marital status e.g. marriage or civil partnership certificate
  9. Personal bank or building society statements covering the 28 day period immediately before the application
  10. Bank Balance Certificate on the letterhead
  11. Police Registration Certificate of dependant (if applicable).
  12. Different fees also apply in the UK depending on if the application is made jointly or separate from main Tier 4 applicant or if made by post or in person.
  13. Birth certificate showing evidence of relationship between the Tier 4 student and the child where the dependant is a child under 18
  14. Marriage certificate showing evidence of marriage where the dependant is a spouse
  15. Pay healthcare surcharge at point of making application.
  16. If using a sponsor letter, the name of the dependant must be stated on the sponsor letter and the funds must also cover the dependant’s maintenance for the relevant period.
  17. Documents not in English must be translated.


Visa application processing time : Within 10 days