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Welcoming Environment and a safe place to live and study: Canada was ranked for nine consecutive years by the United Nations to be among the top 3 countries in the world to live and study out of 174 countries Also, the Human Development index survey consistently ranked Canada number one for a variety of reason including its excellent education system, high quality health care, low incidence of crime and clear environment. A remarkable multicultural society ensures that you will be welcomed and made to feel at home during your stay. Canada’s main cites – Vancouver and Toronto have been recognized amongst the best cites of the world to live, study and work.

1. High Standard of Living: Canadians enjoy one of the highest standards of living. Canada has one of the smallest population density rations in the world per square kilometer.
2. Multicultural: Canada is increasingly becoming the country of choice for students. It is, in fancy, a nation immigrant from all over the globe, creating a wonderful, vibrant and harmonious mix of cultures. Included this dynamic mix are more than 700,000 Canadians of Indian Origin.
3. World Class Education System: Degrees and diplomas from Canadian institutions are among the most widely recognized and prose the highest standard in the world. Students have a diverse choice of more than 100 Universities and 150 Community College/ Technical Institutes offering a wide array of study programs.
4. Low Tuition Fees and Cost of living: Tuition fees for international students are among the lowest in this county, with education standards among the highest. For all that it offers, Canada has a remarkably low cost living. Its inflation rate has remained one of the lowest in the industrialized world. The average tuition cost for an international student is CDN$ 12000 per year while living expenses are estimated at CDN$8000 p.a.
5. International Experience: There are over 175,000 international students annually studding in Canada Your education experience is sure to be truly international.
6. Opportunity to Work and migrate: Upon graduation, international students have the option to work before returning home and many even qualify to apply for permanent residency and settle.