Tourist/Visitor Visa - Australia



Documents Required from Applicant :


  • Form 1419 : Visitor Visa – Tourist stream
  • Visa application Fees
  • Notarized copy of all pages of current passport having validity of at least 6 months
  • Certified copies of birth certificates, showing names of both parents
  • One recent passport sized photograph (45mm x 35 mm) attached to the front of the application form
  • Invitation letter from your Sponsor in Australia
  • Evidence of your relationship with the sponsor
  • Evidence of your sponsor’s passport and status in Australia
  • Details of bookings
  • Itinerary giving travel details, accommodation and activities within Australia
  • Copies of bank statements
  • Copies of documents which show any other funds or assets held
  • Taxation documents for the last three years
  • If you are employed: Letter from your employer – stating your position and salary, length of employment, confirming your leave of absence and the name and contact details of the person providing the letter.
  • If you are self-employed and running your own business: Business registration
  • If you are retired: Evidence of your retirement – for example a letter from your employer
  • Medical and Chest x-ray examinations
  • Applicants over 75 years of age and any applicant requesting a stay of 12 months must provide evidence of Overseas Health Insurance