Best Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad

Best Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad

Getting a gift for your friends or family member who is studying abroad or is going to study abroad might become a problem sometimes. Students going to study abroad can’t take much luggage with them, thus it is suggested to give them gifts that are compact and easy to carry. We sorted out and came up with a list of things you can gift your student friend or family member.

Good Travel Pillow
Travelling can be hectic for everyone, your student friend will definitely require a travel pillow for his journey. Getting a travel pillow is a good idea for him.

Universal Plug Adapter
Plugging in gadgets for charging them in new country might become a trouble if the charging ports are different from home country. A universal plug adapter will come to the rescue in such a situation, thus giving a universal plug adapter is a sure thing for friends and members studying abroad.

Universal Plug Adapter

Portable Charger
Another gadget that you can give to your friend or family member going to study abroad is a portable charger. No one likes having a drained battery of their phone or any other easily chargeable gadget. There are many brands which have high end portable chargers for smartphones.

Lonely Planet Travel Guide
Lonely Planet updates their travel guide often for travelers to know about the city they are traveling to or living in. It will be a benefit for your friend or family member if you will get them a Lonely Planet travel guide. A travel guide by Lonely Planet has all the important details and information you need about the city or the city life. It is a good handy and convenient book for everyone traveling to a new place.

MP3 player
An MP3 player is a gadget that can help your traveling friend busy and calm at the same time. They will love to listen to music on the go without having battery of their phone drain. An MP3 player with a decent storage makes a perfect gift for music freak friends.

MP3 player

Lightweight Backpack
Backpacks are good for packing important things and going for a city tour on holidays or vacations. These backpacks can also be taken to college or university. Get a good lightweight but heavy duty backpack for your friend and give them a good and reliable thing to carry around with them.

Passport Cover
Travelling abroad means taking your passport with you. But having a passport with a cool passport cover is not everyone has, so turn your friend’s or family member’s lame passport into a groovy and interesting passport by giving them a cool passport cover.

Travel Size Toiletry Kit
Everyone likes to keep their important things at one place, getting a travel toiletry kit is something they will definitely require. You can find different small and medium sized travel toiletry kits.

Reliable Watch
Watch is a must accessory for everyone, keeping a track of time becomes an important task when someone is on the go. A reliable watch is a good gift idea for all your travelling or studying abroad friends or family members.

Reliable Watch

Earphones or Headphones
Music keeps senses calm and relaxed, some people like to listen to music on the go. A good pair of headphones or earphones come handy for such time. Thus, do your research or ask your friend which brand they like for earphones or headphones and get them one.

Travel Blanket or Flight Blanket
Traveling time can be hectic for some people, it is important that they carry a travel blanket or a flight blanket. These blankets are too tiny and compact, easier to carry and keep. They don’t take much space in luggage but are really warm for traveling.

Sunglasses keep eyes secured from dust, air and rays. People like to receive sunglasses as a gift as it is something everyone wants to carry in their bag. Check out what kind of sunglass your friend prefers to wear and get them a nice sunglass.

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