USA Scholarship for Indian Students

USA Scholarship for Indian Students


U.S.A. Scholarships: The United States is a one stop destination for the international students who wish to study in the most prestigious Institutes, Colleges or Universities of U.S.A. Most of the Indian students select U.S.A. as the destination to study abroad. This is because USA is one of the leading countries which provide quality education with wide area of research and expertise. The expensive cost of education in U.S.A. is an obstruction for some Indian students. To overcome this, there are financial aids, grants or scholarships which are offered to Indian students as international scholarships.

Scholarships can be of an immense help for the Indian Students towards financing the future goals. Scholarships catch the attention of the Indian students so that they can study in U.S.A. and gain access to quality and global education of U.S.A.

Scholarships available for Indian students in U.S.A. are Government-funded, Non-Governmental and University-specific scholarships. Some scholarships offered to Indian students are mentioned below:

  • Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships – This scholarship is given to international students for Master’s and Ph.D. programs in USA. More than 3000 students receive this scholarship including Indian students. It includes the tuition fees, travel expenses, health insurance, living expenses etc. The eligibility and selection criteria vary in different countries.
  • Joint Japan World Bank Graduate (JJ/WBG) Scholarships for Developing Country Nationals – This scholarship is provided to pursue graduate studies leading to master’s degree. The Indian student must hold a Bachelor’s degree. This scholarship includes travel costs between home country and host country, tuition fees, cost of medical insurance and living expenses.
  • Agha Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program – This foundation provides limited number of scholarships to the international students for Postgraduate studies. The Indian students must have outstanding results to attain this scholarship. Those students who have no other means of financing the studies are also considered. Fifty percent of the scholarship is grant and the other fifty percent is considered as loan which has to be reimbursed with an annual service charge of 5%. The deadline for submission of this scholarship application is 31 March.
  • UCD Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship – This scholarship is not awarded for Clinical programs, are merit based and there are certain terms and conditions.
  • Tata Scholarship by Cornell University – This scholarship is awarded annually for undergraduate studies to the Indian students. It is ensured that 20 scholars are provided the scholarship. Indian students must have the citizenship and have attended the secondary school in India. The application deadline is mostly in February.
  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship – This is basically for Indian students who wish to obtain an MBA degree in USA at Stanford. Upto 5 Indian students are selected based on their merit, commitment to developing India and financial need. Thus, it is one of the boons for Indian students.
  • Michigan State University International Scholarships and many more Universities offer financial aid to Indian students ….

There are many more scholarships provided as financial aid to the Indian students. Scholarships for Indian Students are partially or fully provided to the students by different universities based on their academic scores and standardized test scores i.e. some scholarships are merit based which are offered to the Indian students. However, there is no thumb rule for eligibility to any type of scholarship. Some universities also offer scholarships based on the standardized tests like TOEFL/ SAT/GRE scores along with the academic results based on 4.0 grade point average (GPA) scales. However, scholarships based on scores of GRE and TOEFL are very less. The score must be above 165 in quantitative and verbal sections of GRE, 4.5 in analytical writing of GRE and above 110 in TOEFL to get a minimum scholarship. Most of the Universities and Colleges require 3.0 GPA (4.0 scale) to offer good amount of international scholarship to Indian students to study in USA. The GPA score requirement is also different in different Universities.

Scholarship application essays are also helpful in gaining scholarships for Indian Students. Some scholarships are given if you pursue education in certain field as listed in the scholarship eligibility criteria. Thus, a student needs to visit the particular website of the institution or organization which would offer different scholarships to the Indian students to study in USA.

Eligibility for scholarship to Indian Students entirely depends upon the type of scholarship and the Universities or the funding organizations which provide scholarships. To be on the safer side, it is always recommended to search that particular University’s website for scholarship in USA provided to Indian Students. For more details, the Indian students can contact the college admission officers or the Financial Aid Experts who are ready to help the students for the same. To avail the scholarship in USA, the Indian students can also contact the award administrator of that particular scholarship.

The student must first apply to the graduate or an under graduate program of any institution or university to apply for a particular scholarship. This is because a scholarship application can be made only during application process to the graduate or undergraduate program in those universities of USA.

The international merit scholarship is awarded by many universities in USA to Indian students who have strong academic achievement and outstanding talent or achievements. Note that, application deadlines are different for different Universities. The Indian students must have a check at the University’s website to know the deadlines and benefits provided by the Universities to the students for their studies in USA.

The scholarship amount for Indian students may remain same or vary depending upon the University for all the years of your course. The scholarship has to be renewed year-after-year in some universities of USA for which some criteria are specified by those universities to attain scholarship. Every institute has its own requirements and different financial support.

Most of the scholarships are offered for Fall or Spring intake to the Indian students. So students are advised to check the deadlines of the application for any Undergraduate or Graduate programs along with the application deadline for scholarships on the University’s website. A list of scholarships for Indian students is mentioned at the University’s website for the reference of the students who are likely to study in USA regardless of their financial circumstances.

As a whole, the Indian students are advised to visit a particular University’s website or the official website of the scholarship granting Institutions to clarify and apply for the scholarship to avoid scams. After reading this article, the concerned Indian students can find it easy to avail the required international scholarships and carry on their dream with a pool of scholarships available for Indian students to study in United States of America. Now, the goals are not too far to achieve as the steps to the destination are identified.

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